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"People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said – but they will always remember how you made them feel. "  
– Maya Angelou

You will find that working with us is the easiest thing you have done in quite a while.  The following will give you an idea of the information we usually secure:

·  Our normal work schedule for Final Expense Agents:  We work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to provide you with appointments for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  This gives you Monday and Friday to complete paperwork, make calls or any follow up appointments you may personally make.  It even allows 4 days for a mini-vacation so you can stay sharp and de-stressed.  If you have an exception such as an additional day or a different day, due to a special need, please notify your Appointment Setter immediately so she can work it into her schedule if possible.  It will be the Appointment Setter's decision to accept different day assignments.  If you need to work 5 days a week and need appointments for all five days, we probably are not the Appointment Setting Service for you.  Setting Appointments is simple, but it requires a lot of tenacity and a lot of focus and you can burn out doing this for 5 days a week.  We NEED our Appointment Setters working - not burned out and leaving.  Our Appointment Setters are Independent Contractors, just like you and most are not willing to work on Saturdays and especially not on Sundays.  The fact is with 20 leads we will usually set you 8-10 appointments...enough for 3 days.  If you give us 30 leads we can set you 12-15 appointments - again enough for 3-4 full and hopefully, productive days.  Does that work for you? 

  • We make certain that the client knows that we are calling about final expense life insurance. You will not go to an appointment where this has not been made clear several times. Unfortunately since we are working with Seniors they may forget occasionally but we DO make sure they are told that this is final expense life insurance!  Oh, by the way, we do not work with direct mail leads that do NOT say insurance on them anywhere but rather focus on the word FREE.  You may get a much higher response rate but they are clients who are looking for something that is FREE and your insurance is not free is it?  We did not think so.  If it at least says insurance someone on the lead piece then the people we are trying to reach are usually interested - but it takes time to explain that the information is free - not the service and we don't have that kind of time.
  • You will have direct contact with your designated Appointment Setter.  If for any reason you ever wish to change your Appointment Setter, contact us and we will execute our Replacement Policy and make the requested change.  We do ask for your feedback if you have had any problems so we can evaluate and correct any problem areas.  We also ask, if there is a problem, that you attempt to communicate with your Appointment Setter regarding the situation first and try to resolve the issue.   If you need additional support, please call either Beverly Porch or Trisha Donaldson. (see our contact page)
  • Your lead locations will be input on MapQuest to create a logical route for your appointments to conserve both your gas, your time, and your sanity.  Occasionally you may have to double back but we work very hard to keep that from happening.

Information you will receive:

  • The time of the appointment and whether they have agreed to your coming early if you finish your prior appointment early is noted.
  • If it is a rural address, we get a description of the best way to get there, of course the directions are only as good as the client can provide.
  • You will be given the color of the home and if they provide any additional description we provide that as well.
  •  Whether the house number is on the house, mailbox or curb is provided.
  • The color and description of any vehicle(s) in the drive is provided.
  • Whether they have a credit union account, a bank account, or debit card for Social Security is provided if this is important to your success!  Please note, we only get a yes or no as to if they have an account!  Be certain to discuss this with us prior to an Appointment Setter being assigned to you so we can locate someone who will gain this information for you. 
  •  If the response card indicates a husband and wife, we ask for both of them to be available for the appointment.
  • At the close of business each day  you will receive a Daily Report with the information on contacts your Appointment Setter made, but who did not make an appointment.  Some of these will be due to no “good” phone number.  Some will be where the client has refused (and you will have their comments) and still others will be where the client has delayed us for one reason or another. Examples would include, illness, death in family, out of town etc.  This report will give you a more accurate picture of those leads you may wish to door knock the next day or on one of your days off.
  • Your appointments will be posted on your Google Calendar for easy access and will include all of the information above as well as the client’s name, address, phone number and age.  If you do not have a Google Calendar, please get one as soon as possible.  They are FREE and very easy to set up. Call if you need help. Oh, we can help you to get this set up if you need a little assistance! Final Expense Appointment Setting and taking good care of you - that is our mission.
  • If there is additional information you would like to have included with your appointments, please let us know so we can determine if it is a service we can provide.  To call for a one on one conversation, to get all your questions answered, please see our contact page.

  • A special and very important note to ALL Agents....We have scripts that we use to get the appointments - if there is a special script you want used, it MUST be approved by Final Expense Final Connection prior to your giving it to the Appointment Setter.  We will work to customize as much as possible, however, out primary purpose is to get you IN the door so you can work your magic.  Please remember this most important guideline - it will help us all to work in better harmony.


Supplying the missing link between Agents and Appointment Setters!

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